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Universal Tips for Car Maintenance

For many of us, cars are a dream. They are, after all, a pricey investment, so it's necessary to make sure yours lasts as long as possible. If you are truly interested, you should make every effort to protect it. Through professional car maintenance service of your car properly ensures the safety of you, your passengers, and perhaps other drivers as well.

The Post-Pandemic Evolution of the Indian Automobile Industry

The automobile sector is one of India's most important economic drivers, with a high level of engagement in global value chains. Strong government backing has aided this sector's expansion, allowing it to carve out a distinct route among India's industrial sectors. The country's vehicles are distinctive in which they cater to the needs of low- and middle-income sectors of the population, making it stand out among other automobile producing countries. The industry is a vital part of the Indian economy, accounting for a large portion of GDP. India became the world's fourth largest automobile market in 2017, but the sector has experienced several hurdles recently, including the terrible COVID-19 pandemic.

Handling traffic with a fuel-efficient drive, in Metropolitan cities

People belong to the metropolitan cities across India have now started to face a new issue. It’s nothing but the cost and availability of the fuel. In spite of the raising costs, everybody depends on it to their everyday commute. Using vehicles are now indispensable and have become a crucial part of their activities of daily life. In the long run, petrol and diesel tend to become expensive due to various reasons. So, it would be rather beneficial to think about the ways we can use this commodity in an efficient way.

A common practice nowadays is to inculpate the traffic and the mileage offered by the vehicle, for the fuel consumption levels. However, fuel consumption is directly or indirectly related to the driving pattern, maintenance and many other factors. A car's engine type and weight can have an impact on its fuel consumption in some cases.

How to maintain 1 year old car vs 3 year old car

Cars are expensive, but they're also sensitive commodities. For any car owner, the value and love of the car remains the same even if it is one year old or more than a couple of years old. But the maintenance and the treatments it need differs depending on its age. For instance, the needs and requirements of a new-born and a toddler differs in every aspect. Likewise, your cars age determines it needs.

We have devised some important treatments and maintenance tips separately for the owners of both types of cars.