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How to maintain 1 year old car vs 3 year old car

Cars are expensive, but they're also sensitive commodities. For any car owner, the value and love of the car remains the same even if it is one year old or more than a couple of years old. But the maintenance and the treatments it need differs depending on its age. For instance, the needs and requirements of a new-born and a toddler differs in every aspect. Likewise, your cars age determines it needs.

We have devised some important treatments and maintenance tips separately for the owners of both types of cars.

One year old cars

A car that is a year old is still as good as a new one, therefore our major goal is to keep it in immaculate condition for the whole time we own it or use it. Therefore, this division focuses mostly on treatments that offer protection.

Full Wash:

First and foremost, it's crucial to give the car a basic comprehensive wash on a regular basis. This should involve both exterior and interior cleaning. It is an essential step in keeping a car tidy and clean. This keeps the car looking nearly new.

Manual Polish:

One fundamental step in safeguarding the clear coat of a car's paint is manually applying wax to the car's paint. In fact, the manual wax treatment is far less expensive than more sophisticated paint protection methods, but its endurance is also limited. However, something is always preferable than having nothing done.

Teflon/Ceramic Coating:

Teflon coating and ceramic coating serve the same purpose despite their differences. It is performed to preserve any recently purchased car's paint. These Paint Protection Coatings are treatments that increase the paint's lifespan on cars. These coats boost the gloss and brilliance of the paint and provide it a protective layer. It also enhances the paint's resistance to corrosion and abrasion in hot environments. This is achieved by several processes of preparing, adding layers of appropriate materials, and treating the paint of the car.

Rain Repellent:

Now, moving on to the safety aspect. The water droplets after or during a drizzle or a rain will stay on your windshield and will require a lot of wiper usage. Excessive wiper usage results in lessening the life of the windshield glass and disrupts and distracts the driving which is unsafe sometimes. A special Rain repellent/Front Glass Vision Improver service repels the water from the surface immediately and minimizes the wiper usage, aids a nondisruptive drive and improves the visibility.

More than three-year-old cars

The age of the vehicle determines the level and type of care it requires. A car that is a year old is still as good as a new one, therefore our major goal is to keep it in immaculate condition for the whole time we own it or use it. Therefore, this division focuses mostly on treatments that offer protection. It is important to continue maintaining and offer protection to your car even if it is getting older, to keep your vehicle in good running condition and increase the resale value.

Paint Protection Treatment:

By using your car for a few years now, the gloss and shine of the paint would be gradually decreasing. Well, it is normal on a continuous usage and can be easily shielded. Paint Protection Treatment is like that of Teflon, Ceramic etc but by using a few extra steps & processes, helps to extend the protection and most importantly restores the car into its pristine condition.

Rat repellent:

Many of us would have had few little uninvited guests in their cars. Rodent issues seem to be a never-ending problem commonly faced by most of us despite of parking the car inside the home. The rat infestation inside the cars happens without our knowledge and we sometimes come to know about it only after indicated by some sensors. So, it is crucial to use an effective and safe Rat Repellent treatment in the car to prevent shelling out the hard-earned money on the damages done by the rats.

Underbody rust coating:

Not only the exteriors and interiors but it is important to have an eye on the underbody of the car as well. A car’s underbody is exposed to the most wear and tear caused by muddy water, potholed roads, stones, and other obstacles on the road. We often do not see the damage in the underbody of our car as it is not in our direct sight. Hence, a proper underbody rust coating is much needed to avoid developing rust and damage, therefore.

Front glass vision improver:

We have already discussed about a treatment related to the windshield in the previous segment but when it comes to a used car, it tends to have blemished and scratched windshield as it holds the wind and shields us from other foreign bodies like dirt, small stones, chips etc. Apart from the impact of these, the recurrent wiper usage scratches the windshield glass. This will reduce the visibility and there is a chance of it becoming a safety issue on a longer run. A proper Front Glass Vision Improver treatment reduces the scratches in the windshield and improves the visibility.


With continuous usage, every car’s engine will acquire carbon traces & deposits of residual of the fuel burnt. This will in turn reduce the performance and efficiency of the cars to a considerable extent. Decarbonisation is a special technique where a carbon cleaning machine is used which is scientifically proven to efficiently clean the carbon traces & deposits on the walls of your car’s engine. Thus, improving the mileage and performance of the car & at the same time, prevent the ill effects of carbon pollution to the mankind as well.

Interior enrichment/Odour Treatment:

Any car which has been owned and used for a few years will have a worn-out and soiled interiors because of usage. Few cars may even produce unpleasant smell/odour due to an unclean interior. Having a shiny exterior isn’t considered to be a complete car maintenance. A car will be completely spotless only when it has a clean interior. It would be awkward, if you a shining car has an unclean and dirty looking interior and a smelly car. It needs detailed Interior Enrichment services to thoroughly clean your car’s interior and improve your car's overall quality & appearance by enhancing the interiors which will help to keep the Interiors immaculate.

Wheel alignment:

Driving your car for years will have a considerable impact on the wheels. When driving over potholes, bumps, uneven surface, and normal wear and tear over time, the wheels of any car frequently fall out of alignment. To retain your wheels' best quality and performance, it is crucial to keep them accurately aligned. Not only the appearance of the car is vital, but a proper wheel alignment also plays an important role in maintaining your vehicle.

To put it in a nutshell, our cars deserve different types of maintenance and treatments depending on its age and level of usage. In this article, we have discussed in detail the various treatments and tips for both the new and old car segments.