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6 useful summer car care tips

As the temperature rises and summer sets in, it's important to pay attention to the care of your car. The scorching sun and long road trips can take a toll on your vehicle, but with a little effort and preparation, you can keep it in top shape throughout the summer months. In this blog, we'll share some essential summer car care tips that will not only help you avoid breakdowns and repairs, but also ensure that your car stays in great condition for years to come. From checking your car's AC and tires to protecting its interior and exterior, we've got you covered. So, buckle up and let's get started!

Starting with your car's tires

Nitrogen tire inflation has become a popular alternative to traditional air inflation in the past few years. Since oxygen molecules are smaller and more likely to leak, nitrogen molecules are bigger and less likely to leak. This can make tire pressure more stable over time. This can potentially improve fuel efficiency, tire wear, and overall safety. Also, it maintains the optimum temperature during the summer. In addition, oxygen can react with the metal components of the tire, causing rust and corrosion. Nitrogen, on the other hand, is an inert gas that doesn't react with other substances, which can prolong the life of your tires. Nitrogen-filled tires might be easier to control and stay stable, especially in hot weather or when driving at high speeds.

Summer can be particularly harsh on your car's exterior, with UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, and other contaminants causing damage to the paint job. This is where paint protection coatings can come in handy.

Here are some of the most common types of paint protection coatings and their benefits:

Ceramic coatings:

These coatings use nanotechnology to make a protective layer on top of the paint that is more resistant to scratches and chemicals. They can also provide a glossy finish and enhance the colour depth of your car's paint.

Teflon coatings:

Car owners who want an inexpensive and easy-to-use solution often choose Teflon coatings. They can provide a layer of protection against UV rays, dirt, and water spots, as well as giving the car a shiny finish.

Overall, paint protection coatings can help keep your car's exterior looking good and protect it from damage that could cost a lot to fix, especially during this hot summer.

In the summer, when we get into a parked car in direct sunlight, it's best to open the windows for a few minutes before turning on the air conditioner. Switching on the AC after the heat and letting the plastic-smelling hot air inside escape helps you prevent harming your lungs and any other health issues.

Sweaty summers may leave traces of sweat on the seat covers of your car, and it may slowly develop an unpleasant odour inside your car. To avoid this, we can use special odour removal treatments or car aromatherapy for your car. This will ensure a pleasant drive. 5K CAR CARE uses safest solutions in these treatments.

Protecting our car with a car cover prevents it from dust, direct UV rays, and other environmental factors; in fact, it is basic protection for any car user. So, we suggest you to use a car cover of appropriate size to offer a basic protection.

Whenever you start your car after long hours of parking, it is not advisable to use the wipers as the dust and grime accumulated in the windshield may cause scratches and damage to the windshield. This can be prevented by cleaning the windshield with a microfiber towel before using the wipers, as these towels are specially designed to remove dust without affecting the surface it is sticking to. These professionally designed towels are available in all our 5K CAR CARE outlets at an affordable price.

Follow these six essential summer car care recommendations to preserve your car from the heat of the summer. 5K CAR CARE provides the above-mentioned range of protective services and treatments under one roof. You can avail them at all the outlets of 5K CAR CARE.