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Why should you start a car accessories business?

Today, whether travelling to the workplace or enjoying a road trip, we spend a significant amount of time in our cars. Therefore, it is crucial to outfit our car with the required accessories that will increase its comfort, luxury, and safety.

The market for automobile accessories expanded because of the introduction of numerous new car accessories, thanks to advancements in automotive technology.

There is a demand for automotive accessories since India has several automobile manufacturing plants. Over the next five years, the automobile accessory market, now valued at around Rs. 13,500 crores is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 8 to 12 percent.

In India, where there are more than 1.3 billion people and a fast-expanding middle class, there is a sizable and expanding market for automobile accessories. In order for you to comprehend the fundamental nature of this company, let's first go in detail about the necessity for car accessories and the many varieties of them.

What are car accessories and why do you need them?

Car accessories are extra components that enhance the appearance and functionality of a vehicle. It offers your vehicle a more refined appearance than if it were unadorned.

Driving a car is an experience. To ensure an enjoyable and comfortable trip, we must equip ourselves with the necessary car accessories.

Different types of car accessories

Seat covers

When you purchase a car from a showroom, it will come with a single layer of basic seat cover, which may soon get quite dirty.

As we drive with our family, we eat and spill out in our car seats. Sometimes the dirt on our clothing might also adhere to the seat cover. It becomes soiled with time and may emit a foul odour in our car. Therefore, it is essential to outfit our seats with seat covers to improve their colour, give the car a unique appearance, and provide a layer of safety.

Sun control film:

When we move around during the day on sunny days, we often face the sun directly and are exposed to UV radiation. Sun rays could reduce the car's interior cooling

Sun control film is an extra layer that is used on all car windows to lessen the impact of UV radiation and sun rays. It is necessary to use sun film control in our cars. However, the Indian government has restrictions about the use of sun film in our car

"According to the Indian law, sun control film should be 50% visible in the side glasses and 70% visible in the front and back glasses; otherwise, it is illegal."

Floor Mat

The purpose of floor mats is to protect the car's floor from dirt and damage. There are several types of car floor mats, including floor mats and cut mats.

When we arrive at the car soaked in rain and grime, especially during the rainy season, the car floor is ruined; however, if we use floor mats, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain the car.

4) Air fresheners:

We need to use air fresheners in our cars to keep them smelling good. There are several different fragrances of car air fresheners available in the car accessory market, depending on the individual's tastes.

5) Solar accessories and toys:

Solar-powered car accessories are the most common type of automotive accessories seen on car dashboards. When the device receives solar energy, it spins and functions as a perfume dispenser. It both improves the dashboard's looks and serves an essential purpose as well.

6) Car charger and charging cable:

When you need to charge your smartphone while travelling or away from home, you must have a car charger and charging cable in your vehicle.

Car chargers come in various wattages to accommodate various smartphone battery capacities. In addition, the cable has many connector options, including micro-USB, lightning, and type-C connectors. These are immensely useful portable devices.

7) Phone mount:

When using Google Maps while travelling, phone mounts are useful for having your phone close, within reach, and stable.

There are different types of phone mounts for cars, including ones that attach to the air conditioning vents, windscreen, and dashboard. You can get one to travel with ease and use Google Maps at your convenience.

8) 3R mirror :

The 3R mirrors are affixed to the car's side mirrors so that we can view blind spots that standard side mirrors cannot reveal. It is the most underrated automobile accessory available.

Starting a car accessories busines

The information presented here should have helped you, as an aspiring entrepreneur, gain an understanding of the necessity of automobile accessories as well as the types available. Now, let's look at the many various procedures that need to be taken to get a business off the ground in the market for car accessories.

1) Manufactures and wholesale dealers:

The first and most important step in establishing a car accessory business is to select car accessory manufacturers or wholesale distributors. What is the relevance of this? The things we sell to customers determine whether we succeed or fail in the automotive accessory sector.

We must double-check whether the items are of high quality. Furthermore, the manufacturer should be reputable and supportive of our business.

2) Shop Location:

Once we've decided on the products for the company, the subsequent step is to select a suitable site for the store. When deciding on a location for the store, we should consider the following factors:

  • Determine if our target audience is present in the vicinity.
  • Check for a prime location for the shop so that our customers can visit it easily.
  • The store rent needs to be affordable and within our budget.

3) Staff requirement:

The need for employees is critical to the company's profitability. Customers buy products from places where they get good customer service and quality products.

The staff in our shops should be skilled, professional, honest, and maintain integrity with us. Good employees are the greatest asset for the business we are building.

4) Marketing and Promotion:

Now that we have established our business with great products, a good location, and good staff, the next step is to promote our business to the right audience, i.e., our customers. The promotional activities can be traditional or digital.

The traditional method of promotion entails flex boards, handing out pamphlets, and running advertisements in theatres and on television. Digital marketing involves building our website, doing SEO, running social media campaigns, and building a solid organic customer base.

If you are able to carefully follow and carry out each of the processes outlined above, then you will be able to establish a lucrative car accessory business in India. There are alternative possibilities available to you in the event that you run into issues and hurdles when attempting to do so.

A lot of big brands in India offer car accessory franchises to people who want to start their own business. This helps them deal with the challenges and build a successful car accessory business, which gives them a huge return on their investment.

Gladly, our company, 5K CAR CARE, is now offering a franchising opportunity for businesses specializing in automobile accessories. We have been operating in the automotive industry for more than 12 years now, and throughout that time we have established a considerable clientele. In addition, the expert solutions and assistance that we offer to our car care franchisees are a significant part of our competitive advantage, and the car accessory franchisees will also receive the same. Thus, helping and supporting the aspiring entrepreneurs to reach heights in the car accessory business is on us