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The car detailing industry in India is currently growing in popularity and is expected to become a profitable and thriving business, as car owners begin to take pride in the ownership of their cars and more importantly maintaining it neat and clean.

5K CAR CARE is one of a major player in the India’s Auto detailing industry and have reached the place of becoming the fastest growing car service providers in India.

A business' gestation period is crucial as it represents the critical objective of generating profit. The gestation period of our franchise is low.

High returns and substantial profits can be achieved within a year of starting our franchise.

5K CAR CARE’s stronghold and reputation of providing premium services in the car detailing aspect.

Our stable growth in employees and multiple outlets is a reciprocation of widening the market range.

Increase in demand for premium car services due to sales of vehicles that come with advanced technology in it and needing expertise to maintain.

The intense interest that people have nowadays in getting professional car detailing jobs done on their vehicles.

Our USP’s like employee support, 24/7 services, RO water wash and regular updates and upgrades in the detailing sector are few factors that differentiates us with other players in the market.