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Is Your Car Dirty? Are You worried about Your Car?

5K Car Care is a brand which is literally going to change the way people think about car cleaning. It is a unique mechanized car cleaning concept where cars are getting pampered by the latest equipments including high pressure cleaning machines, spray injection and extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on.

In this fast moving life today we tend to spend more time in travelling as a result spend hours in the car, navigating the traffic jams. Air Pollution, Dust, Rain, Sunlight and Adverse road conditions all keeps adding on woos of common car users. And as a result, there is a severe need of Professional Car Cleaning Organization to take care of all Car Cleaning jobs and give us the finest and ultimate car cleaning experience and satisfaction.

5k car care

5K Car Care is here to stay and work dedicatedly towards spreading the awareness among car users about their car hygiene habits, cleanliness, durability of exterior look and other common cleaning tips.

5k car care

Car Wash - RO Water

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Wash & Wax & Tyre Dressing

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Door Pads Cleaning & Polishing

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Dash Board Cleaning & Polishing

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5k car care car Teflon Coating 5k car care

5k car care
Teflon coating

Teflon coating is known as paint protection coasting and anti-rust coating, is done on the surface of the car. Teflon is chemically synthesized from fluoropolymer. This protects the car’s painted finish and offers an excellent shine, removing the problem of corrosion and wear and tear in high as well as low temperatures, keeping the vehicle like new for a long time. Teflon coating is also done under the body of the car. You also get a thinner clear coat under body coating which is like a lacquer that coats the entire underside of the car.

Process of Telfon Coating

The first step of the process is to make the car free from dirt and dust the painted areas and the plastic parts like mudguards, speedometer etc are washed with a mild shampoo, the surfaces are then wiped and dried. A soft cloth is used to make sure no unwanted scratches are also caused so as to ensure maximum quality. Polishing: This step involves the application of polish on the painted surfaces. Typical car waxes and polishes are used in this step and in this case, 5k Car Care Wax. This process can make dull paints look significantly brighter. Differences are noticeable on shades like black which visibly fade easily and are the hardest to maintain. Coating: The final step in the process, is telfon coating. A soft cotton cloth is used to apply this telfon onto all the painted areas over the car. It is then left to dry for a few minutes.

Advantage of Teflon coating
  • Telfon coating protects the car's surface from marks and scratches caused by dust and cleaning with a dirty cloth.
  • Rust protection In humid weather the car will be more prone to rusting. Teflon acts as an Anti-Rusting Layer.

5k car care Interior Cleaning & Enrichment 5k car care

5k car care

Hi-tech Fruit Base Cleaning System with lacto calamine dressing is available to enhance the interiors of your car. We clean the Carpets, Upholstery, Dash Board, Plastic & Rubber surfaces with full vacuuming that gives hygienic and long lasting naturally enriched appearance.

We also offer Foam Based Interior Cleaning Services that gives fresh new appearance to the interiors.

5k car care Seat Covers & Floor Matts 5k car care

The seat covers are the one that provides the elegant interior look and comfort travel for the car. We are intended with the original and branded seat covers that brings you the best quality. 5K Car Care is offered with an infinite pattern, colors and are custom-made which fits the car perfectly.

We also offer several colors of floor matt such as carpet matt and rubber matt for protecting the interior and easy cleaning, where our customer's often choose the white and black which is always trendy and classy. Our Seat Covers & Floor Matt adds an additional new look with the splash of new color for the interior look.

5k car care

5k car care Car Sun Control Film Packages 5k car care

5k car care

In order to protect our customer's from sun, we yield with the Sun Control Films, which totally dims the sunlight entering through the windshield of the car, which comforts you from intensive heat. There are considerable amount of Sun Control Films with unique patterns such as Folding, Roll-Ups or according to your style, you can pick up your best with us.

5K Car Care's Sun Control Film, maintains the car temperature internally and protects the intimate surface from the sun damaging by neglecting the windshield insecurity.

5k car care Car Painting Dent Removal 5k car care

5K Car Care provides your car with quality paints those are ordered with the endowment dealers for several years. We always trust our dealers for their best service in delivering the quality paint products. We are afforded with advanced painting accessories for adequately small scratches; repaint also is done with the perfect color matching. We are also equipped with tinkering works with highly accomplished and skillful professionals. We have also become outstanding service provider for Car Painting and Tinkering works. Our services are available in an efficient way, by using quality paints which produces the body with smooth and lustrous finish.

5k car care

5k car care Ceramic Coating 5k car care

5k car care
  • Ceramic coating is a clear coat, which uses Carborundum, one of the hardest materials.
  • The ceramic coat forms a chemical bond with the layer of paint on the car, forming a clear coating on the surface of the car when applied.
  • It is resistant to chemical etching and is hydrophobic as well
  • It is also said to be more durable and offer better protection from scratches, swirl marks, dust, rust and so on. At the same time, it is resistant to all sorts of weather elements including acid rain.

5k car care Car Branding 5k car care

5k car care
What Are You Waiting For? Upgrade Your Car Today?

5K Car Care has emerged as a No.1 car advertising service provider in and around coimbatore city. We are not only rich in terms of skill but also in terms of valuable experience. We use highly skilled branding specialists in the application process. We have attention to detail that ensures the special care of your vehicle. The branding, finishes and overall look of the advertisement on the vehicle are the most important parts of vehicle advertising, therefore we at 5K Car Care use only the best in branding specialists, which are highly skilled in the branding process. They are trained with an attention to detail that ensures the special care of your vehicle during the application procedure. The length of the application process can take anything from half an hour to 8 hours, depending on the design and surface of your car. Our specialists will, however, make an appointment for a time and place convenient for you.

To ensure the application process goes smoothly a dust free, warm and well lit environment is preferred. We would, therefore, prefer it if the application process took place on the premises of our highly trained specialists.

Benefits of vehicle wrapping
  • Protection of your car from stone chips, UV damage, road grime and minor abrasions (potentially expanding the lifespan of your vehicle). Once the branding has been removed the vehicle is returned to its original condition.
  • images/arrow-icon.png Vehicle branding can also act as a deterrent against hijackings, smash and grabs and vehicle theft, making driving a little bit safer. Some insurance companies will discount their premiums on vehicles with vehicle advertising on them as an incentive.

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