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In 2012, Dr.Karthick Kumar Chinnaraj established 5K CAR CARE with a modest workforce of three individuals. The five natural elements bestowed upon the universe are revered for their use in servicing our clients' vehicles. With the assistance of the elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Sky, we are effectively progressing while maintaining a strong connection with our customers.

It is imperative that the younger generation of our time develop alongside us. In 2022, Dr.Karthick Kumar Chinnaraj established the 5K College of Vocational Training, a renowned institution that provides free courses to students. In addition to our core services, we offer free food and accommodations to individuals requiring assistance. Our institution offers a comprehensive 6-month training programme focused on the intricacies of car detailing . This certificate has validity in multiple countries. The course offered at 5K College is a global programme accessible to individuals worldwide. Enrolling in our course equips students with the essential knowledge and experience to excel in a fast-paced environment and acquire expertise in car detailing. Our institution consistently produces over 300 high-achieving students annually. Our objective is to create 1000+ high-achieving students on an annual basis.

Our company offers an extensive selection of over 65 auto detailing service courses that are grounded in theoretical principles and emphasise practical application. The utilisation of this resource proves beneficial to students within their respective academic disciplines. Our college has been approved by the National Council of Vocational and Research Training (NCVRT), a crucial entity for the advancement of vocational education and research in the nation. It serves as a link connecting educational institutions and businesses, equipping employed individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt to the evolving job market.

India, as a young nation, boasts a significant population of young individuals. It is essential for these young individuals in India to refrain from engaging in employment opportunities offered by foreign entities. In order to enhance India's competitive standing on a global scale, it is necessary to foster the emergence of a greater number of young entrepreneurs who can establish and lead their own enterprises. Consequently, we have created Business Plan Certified courses that meticulously cover the fundamental aspects of a business's organisational framework. Upon successful completion of this course, individuals will possess the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively transform their business ideas into tangible realities. Furthermore, participants will acquire the expertise required to effectively promote their products and establish their companies as industry leaders. Our commitment to environmental preservation is reflected in our use of environmentally safe car washing chemicals . We strongly advocate for the adoption of this practise among our students and business owners.

In addition to our range of services, we offer internship packages tailored specifically for students. Internships provide students with valuable practical knowledge and a strong foundation for their future careers. The classroom setting offers theoretical knowledge, while internships bridge the gap between theory and practise. The practical application of knowledge plays a crucial role in enhancing students' understanding of the concepts they have learned in their vocational training programmes. Everyone has the opportunity to apply their skills in real-world scenarios, allowing them to encounter and tackle practical challenges. Internships offer students the opportunity to enhance their technical abilities while simultaneously cultivating crucial soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. Employers highly prioritise these essential skills, as they are key to achieving success in any professional setting. Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in their chosen industry. They observe the practises, challenges, and culture of the sector directly. Exposure to various opportunities enhances students' employability and empowers them to make informed career choices.

Advantages of 5K College

The advantages of attending5K College can offer numerous benefits to students seeking higher education. Our institution, known for its small class sizes and personalised learning experiences, provide

  • 12 years of experienced mentors.
  • Encouraging atmosphere.
  • Free accommodation.
  • Modern curriculum.
  • 100 percent placement
  • Students can learn essential business concepts and principles.
  • Paid Internship.
  • Approved by the NCVRT.

"Knowledge is the most powerful currency, and education is the bank where it's stored."