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What is Ayudha Pooja?

Ayudha Pooja is the day on which we honour and express gratitude for all the tools that add meaning to our lives. It takes into account both small and large objects, including pins, knives, scissors, spanners, computers, machinery, cars, and buses. In fact, pretty much anything which helps in our profession and daily life. In Indian culture, it is widely believed that before using any tool, one should bow down to the tool. If you want to use your plow, first bow down to it and then use it. If you want to use a book, first bow down to it and then use it. That is how we truly respect them.

"Life is so rich if you are filled with appreciation for everything."
- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

When we recognise the value of something, its use increases exponentially. When we appreciate things that make our lives simpler, we are pleased with what we have and our thinking does not become trapped by cravings and greed for more.

Why and how this festival is celebrated?

Ayudha Pooja which is also known as “worship of instruments” is a festival celebrated as part of the Navratri in India. In different parts of the country, the day is known by different names. It is mostly observed in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

It is usually celebrated around September/October depending on the location, on the tenth day of the 15-day bright half-moon cycle, together with Dasara or Navaratri, Durga Pooja, or Golu. This year, Ayudha Pooja is celebrated on Tuesday, 4th October 2022.

Ayudha Pooja is a day to acknowledge and honour the tools and instruments that give meaning to our lives. This festival begins with the cleaning of tools, equipment, or instruments. After they are washed, cleaned, or restored, they are also adorned with flowers and tilaks. A prayer is done to worship them as a part of the festival.

What is the significance of this festival?

This isn’t just a ritual or a regular celebration. It holds a significance and there is a speciality for this festival we widely celebrate in India. It enhances the importance of the tools or machines we use every day and creates a chance for us to respect and maintain them properly. By this festival we consider all these every day used tools and instruments as a vital part of our success and wellbeing.

How do cars connect with this festival?

Cars play an essential role in the lives of all humans. As human beings, we must travel to several locations for a variety of reasons. These cars are our best travel companions today, and they have a multitude of significances and uses. Therefore, it is a significant machine that has a tremendous influence on our lives and deserves to be honoured and celebrated in this festival.

Revolution in car usage

For more than a century, the car has revolutionized modern civilization by enabling mobility and independence. Due to the ever-increasing distances between home, work, educational institutions, shopping and recreational facilities, mobility is becoming increasingly crucial. Cars are the primary means of transportation. In many circumstances, effective participation in social and economic life would be impossible without individual mobility, especially for individuals living in distant locations, the elderly, and those with impairments. As a result, cars had become an inseparable member of the majority of us.

Significance of cars

Car travel offers home care and medical aid, as well as helps a variety of other emergency services and in a wide range of unexpected crisis situations. In addition, it plays a vital role in profession-related mobility, of which fifty percent is associated to employment. Not only that, but cars allow families and friends to travel together in comfort, convenience and safety while also saving time. The value and importance of cars continues to rise.

How are people protecting their travel partner nowadays?

Despite the fact that it is regarded as an essential travel companion, the majority of people don't take proper care of it for a number of reasons, which includes lack of time, lack of professional service providers, the high cost of detailing services, etc. There are several car detailing service providers on the market nowadays, and their services range from basic washing to advanced enrichment. However, when it comes to cleaning, it doesn't stop with just cleaning, but it is important to bring freshness to your car as well. That's absolutely an expert work.

Pioneers in automobile detailing

When it pertains to comprehensive and professional auto detailing services, the company that is currently in the lead in the market, 5K CAR CARE, performs an exceptional job with its expert technical resources. It serves its customers with necessary services and maintaining procedures depending on their actual needs. For instance, the special Ayudha Pooja offer it has devised includes a special and unique service - Aromatherapy in a slashed price with several additional quite helpful freebies useful and associated to the festival.

Simple unattended things in car maintenance

People believe that a simple wash would be sufficient to preserve the car, but more is really required. Simple factors like scuffed doors may reduce your car's market resale value and cause expensive and annoying corrosion problems. Every time you leave your car parked in a congested location, whether it be on a busy street, in a shopping centre, or even in the basement of your apartment, you often hurry to open the door without paying attention to the next car or, more frequently, the adjacent wall, and accidently strike them. This is mostly responsible for the doors of your car becoming scratched. At times, it is difficult to prevent this. However, it is important to prevent this situation at all costs, and door guards are the greatest and simplest method to do it. The most effective, practical, and basic approach to safeguard your car doors from such unintentional knocks is using door guards. It is pasted to the opening edges of all the doors, and they serve as a barrier to stop the car's surface from being hit.

True meaning of cleaning

A car's cleaning process goes beyond a simple wash and vacuum. Making a vehicle clean and fresh is how 5K describes a complete cleaning of a car. Hence, in addition to cleaning and making it pristine, 5K offers special and unique services like Aromatherapy, which eliminates the unpleasant odour from the vehicle and provides the interior a new fresh and pleasant aroma. The detailing experts use a few complex procedures to accomplish the results of Aromatherapy.

5K’s special Ayudha Pooja OFFER

5K CAR CARE appreciates the importance of our traditional festival, and since it's essential to honour and celebrate your travelling companion during this great festival, the new festive offer covers all the aspects including cleaning, freshening, securing, and decorating your car. It is accomplished by the Aromatherapy service which freshens up your car. FREE DOOR GUARDS are included in this offer to protect your car's doors and in addition, Free GARLAND is also offered as part of this Ayudha Pooja offer. Most importantly, the price of this whole Ayudha Offer is reduced to just ₹2499!

Celebrate this traditional festival with the specially curated offer by our 5K CAR CARE and make it meaningful.