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Benefits of Door Guard, Aroma Therapy & N2 from the Best Car Service in Tamilnadu

Car nicks, marks, and scratches occur for a variety of causes, especially on your car doors, some of which are preventable. Unfortunately, scratches even in the doors may ruin your resale value and lead to significant, and sometimes expensive, rust issues, that would require expert car care service so it's best to get them fixed through services of car wash in Coimbatore as soon as possible and most importantly prevent it from happening.

So, why,and how car doors get Scratched?

As a brand for best car service in Tamilnadu we often witnessed that whenever you leave your car parked in a crowded space, whether it's on a narrow street, at a shopping mall, or even in the parking area of your apartment, we often rush to open the car door, not paying attention to the next car or, more often, the nearby wall, and unintentionally hit them. Your car's doors becoming scratched up is mostly due to this. At times, avoiding this is impossible that is why we have with us car scratch removal service in Coimbatore.

However, it is important to prevent this situation at all costs, and door guards are the greatest and simplest car modifications in Tamilnadu to do it. Most of us are aware of this but we lack the time to implement it. So, we, 5K CAR CARE as a pioneer in car spoilers repair in Tamilnadu have given this some serious consideration and developed a solution. As part of our upcoming Ayudha Pooja Offer, we will be gifting DOOR GUARDS to all our beloved customers for FREE.

Aroma Therapy

In addition to protecting the paint on your car doors with superior service of car painting in Tamilnadu, we recommend keeping the inside of your vehicle spotless, fragrant, and odour-free for a more relaxing drive. As a result, as a Car Alteration Centre in Tamilnadu we have included our unique and innovative Aroma therapy service, in combination to the Free Door Guards, in the upcoming Ayudha Pooja Offer. The process of this distinctive service includes the following steps.

Starting with the primary step - Interior Cleaning process - Our technical experts at car service center in Tamilnadu clean and remove the dirt in the car’s interiors.

Second step - Interior Enrichment –The soft and hard plastic surfaces such as dashboards and door pads are enriched with a special treatment.

Third Step - Air Neutralizer –With a special Air neutralizer spray, the interior of the car is neutralized, thus, removing the Bad Odour inside the car.

Fourth & Final step - Air Aromatherapy –This special therapy freshens and enhances the aroma inside the car giving it a pleasing and a comfortable fragrance inside the car.

N2 Gas:

Nitrogen for tyres have advantages over inflating with normal air. N2 lowers tyre temperature. At high speeds and loads, reducing tyre temperature may be useful. It is fairly stable than oxygen. Compared to oxygen-inflated tires, nitrogen's heat cycle, increase is mild. Nitrogen doesn't react with wheel rims or tyres. Oxygen reacting with tyre moisture may cause oxidation and affect the done Alloy Wheel Painting in Tamilnadu. Components will rust. So, the benefits of using Nitrogen to inflate your car’s tyres are far better than using normal air.

And we, 5K CAR CARE are proud to offer FREE Nitrogen Tyre inflation for all our customers in all our branches of car alteration centre in Tamilnadu.

This AyudhaPoojai, safeguard your car doors, freshen up the interiors and inflate Nitrogen in your car tyres with our AyudhaPoojai Special combo offer!