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Krishna Awards 2023

In the Mahabharata, Krishna has more responsibilities than those of a simple charioteer. It was Krishna who focused the chariot with safety and used the appropriate time for the triumph of his master Arjuna. Krishna was Arjuna's buddy as well as his master, and it was Krishna who led the chariot to victory.

On behalf of our company, 5K Car Care, we are planning to host the Krishna Awards in 2023 in order to honour all of the drivers who view their vehicle as a chariot. We are commemorating the most modest and underappreciated Krishna's through this award ceremony. These are the drivers who carry many of us to so many different locations, at so many different hours, and on so many different occasions, safely and on time.

With the launch of this new initiative, 5K Car Care is pleased to recognise a number of such exceptional drivers through this award ceremony. This honour will encourage them to maintain their high level of safety and will also inspire other drivers to maintain their safety. This will, in a roundabout way, help minimise the number of accidents that occur in the community. This is not only a private occasion for commemoration but rather a gathering for the purpose of bringing helpful safety-related understanding to the general public, a safety awareness programme, in other words.

Note: All drivers who have been accident-free for the last 10 years can apply.